Carbon Cleaning of Northeastern USA

Carbon deposits are a drain on your vehicle.  Eliminate them with Carbon Cleaning.

Would you like to extend the life of your engine without replacing expensive parts? Would you like to improve fuel efficiency and restore your vehicle to peak performance? Carbon Cleaning is the answer.

Dirty and Clean Valve

Carbon deposits are essentially buildup left behind in your vehicle’s engine and emissions control system due to the regular running of your vehicle. Carbon deposits are inevitable, and can be attributed to stop and go traffic, speed limits, fuel quality, emissions requirements and driving at low speeds. Over time, both diesel and gasoline powered engines and emissions control systems experience carbon deposits. These deposits do not allow your vehicle to work at maximum efficiency-compromising its performance and power.

Carbon cleaning deep cleans your engine and its parts, eliminating up to 75% of carbon deposits. We use a hydrogen-powered decarbonizing machine to non-invasively clean your engine from the inside out.

What are the consequences of carbon deposits?

Carbon deposits in a vehicle can result in any of the following:

  • Bad fuel economy
  • Service notifications
  • Engine issues: stuttering engine, engine noise, faulty starts, idling, persistent stalling, loss of acceleration, cold performance issues
  • Air pollution
  • Failed inspection due to emissions
  • Black smoke
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Why do I need Carbon Cleaning?

Many engine and performance issues can be traced back to carbon deposits. Carbon cleaning allows you to restore engine parts, rather than replace them. It also requires minimal down time (just 30 minutes for an average vehicle!) and does not require any disassembly of your vehicle. It results in better fuel economy (up to 10%), and restores your vehicle to peak performance. Carbon Cleaning is also completely safe, with no risk of damage to your vehicle.

In 2016, CarMD© released their 2016 CarMD®Vehicle Health Index™, which compiled information from vehicle’s onboard diagnostic computers, and combined it with uploaded repair information from certified automotive service technicians—looking at a total of 250,000 vehicles. This Index ranked the most common automotive failures which cause a vehicle’s check engine light to illuminate. Three of the top five most common problems were faulty oxygen sensor; catalytic converter; and ignition coils and spark plugs combined. Replacement of these parts can cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Carbon Cleaning directly targets these parts of your vehicle and removes carbon deposits and buildup, essentially restoring the parts to be “like-new”.

“One of the best ways to minimize cost of ownership and help reduce unforeseen car repairs is to follow a regular maintenance program and take care of small problems as soon as you’re aware of them particularly as vehicles age,” said David Rich, CarMD’s technical director. (2016 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™, 19 April 2016.)

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