Offer your customers an additional preventative maintenance option while increasing your bottom line.

Partner with Carbon Cleaning of Northeastern USA.  We are the only company in the Northeast that allows you to rent a hydrogen-powered decarbonization machine.  The machine offers essentially an engine and emissions system “deep cleaning”, removing up to 75% of carbon deposits in vehicles.  The cleaning immediately restores those parts to “like-new”-increasing ease of acceleration, reducing emissions and resulting in better fuel economy (up to 10%!).  Your customers will see an immediate difference.

Rent Carbon Cleaning of Northeastern USA’s decarbonization machine and deep clean your customers’ engines, in as little as 30 minutes

*Make money

  • Set your own price for the service.
  • With little required beyond hooking the machine up to the vehicle, perform other maintenance to another vehicle at the same time—essentially doubling your technician’s productivity.

*All materials are included

  • The machine, connectors and initial cleaning solution are included!
  • The machine has wheels, for easy navigation.

*The machine runs itself

  • Simply connect to the vehicle and set the time.
  • Only requires depression of the gas petal 3-4 times during the service.

*Service is easy

  • 30 minutes for an averaged sized vehicle.
  • Requires minimal technician time.
  • It is non-invasive. There is no disassembly of a vehicle required.
  • Powered through vehicle’s battery.
  • A hose is inserted in the air intake duct.
  • A hydrogen based solution mixes hydrogen and air to loosen, steam and burn off the deposits.
  • All deposits are expelled through the exhaust system.

*Rent flexibly

  • Monthly leases are available.
  • Contact us for additional rental options.

*Stand out from your competition

  • Offer a unique service that provides immediate results.


Carbon Cleaning Machine
In 2016, over 686,000 vehicles were serviced globally, saving owners well over $100,000,000 in gas purchases alone.
RESTORE OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE….without having to disassemble an engine or replace parts.
UP TO 10% FUEL SAVINGS….your customers will see an immediate difference.
PREVENT ENGINE DAMAGE….remove up to 75% of carbon deposits.
REDUCE EMISSIONS….help your customers pass their state inspection.

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